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200 amp overhead service drop hook-up to us.

One of the first things I learned as a young electrician was service installations. Knowing the process from permit pulling, receiving a job number from the utility, having an inspection performed to final crimp of the connection by the utility is an involved process of corroboration among many parties.

We have years of experience in overhead and lateral installations and are Fast Track qualified..

What size service?

It's not an easy answer. Always consider the load first. What are the demands on the system?

Next, future needs are considered; central air conditioning, electric water heater, remodeling a basement, feed to a garage. Although not required, future needs should be considered especially if the present load capacity is border line.

A service upgrade usually takes a day to install with actual power disrupted for several hours during an upgrade. Refrigeration and heating are usually not an issue.

Common add-ons and enhancements:

  • Lightning arrestors (some insurance companies offer discounts)
  • TVSS (surge) protection for electronic equipment
  • Panel GFCI protected receptacle
  • Generator transfer panel
  • GFCI circuit breaker protection
  • AFCI circuit breaker protection
  • Copper vs. aluminum wire

Some common code violations

  • not properly identifying each circuit breaker
  • weather head not at least one foot above point of attachment
  • meter not mounted at the correct height (5' to center)
  • lack of protection of service wire below meter in required locations
  • insignificant / improper grounding (and bonding of sub-panels)
  • panel location does not have the proper clearances
  • improper fuse / circuit breaker for branch circuit wire rating
  • neutral and ground wire attached under the same screw
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