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Unusual circumstances and code violations

confused wiring

Scary Pictures

The following photos I have taken or received over the years that were unusual in some way.

Wiring gone wrong

This service fused disconnect needed a re-wire. Three wires under one screw termination, the white normally neutral wire on a hot leg and a designated current carrying wire on the grounded conductor terminal.

Car Hits Pole

A car hit this pole knocking the 7200 volt conductor off the insulator. Current traveled through the damp pole to the staple attaching the ground wire. An hour later there was a pretty good fire.

7200 volts to ground

Service Cable Missing Something?
Photo Richard Lenker
Can you image the rain water that runs into this one?

Hey, here's a good place to add a circuit!
Photo Richard Lenker
A number of "problems".

No Connector/Minimal Stripping
Photo Richard Lenker
Another interesting one.

Gotta whole latta "juice" in my cabinet.
Photo Richard Lenker
Look what's in my new kitchen.

Stand-by Generator Load Test Here we're performing a start-up load test on a stand-by generator for a local fire company. It could be scary without a good plan.

Generator load test

Lightning Strikes Pavilion
lightning strikes pavilion
A shattered roof remains after lightning strikes a pavilion, cleanly strips off the insulation of the wiring before entering to ground.

Burned Connections
Service meter load jaw badly damaged.
The client lost a leg (and no electric heat) for about a day.

Communication Cell Tower "Tree" On a recent trip I spotted this "tree" along the interstate. Scary for a beaver.

cell tower

Exposed Wires

This service was very scary but the reason I was called was high electric bills. Rain ran through the disconnect before I added duct seal.
After the utility replaced the meter, the homeowner's electric bill dropped significantly.

No brainier -
One from the net.

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