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Designing a Reliable Power System Often Includes a Generac Automatic Standby Generator

Your GUARDIAN Automatic Standby Generator Dealer and Certified Technician

Reliable residential or commercial power from your utility? Don't bet the farm.

Now more than ever you need a competent electrical contractor to calculate electrical loads and estimate future use before the power goes off during a big snow storm or sweltering heat wave.

The monetary loss from a flooded basement, loss of a freezer of food or the furnace is out and just the inconvenience of no lights or well water are reasons many of your neighbors are choosing automatic stand-by electrical generator systems.

In addition to advice on the size of generator, we install several different "levels" of coverage. We work with YOU to determine the best balance of cost and protection with the convenience of automatic start-up and power transfer. And after the sale we provide service contracts and stock parts for emergencies.

Generator package prices are coming down, often no more than a central air system for a automatic standby supply for your home or business' critical loads. The cost of piece of mind is now affordable and financing is available to qualified purchasers. In addition, you may qualify for a lower homeowner insurance rate. Prices start under $4000 dollars.

Call for a free estimate. First year maintenance contract included in purchase price. Be sure to ask about the 50/50 refer a friend rebate offer.

Guardian is the #1 selling standby generator in America.

We also install safe generator transfer panels.

No need to worry about back-feeding into the grid. These panels allow you to transfer a few circuits or the whole home to back up power using your portable home generator. Using a mechanical interlock only one source of power at a time will supply the loads you specify. These panels work with any model portable generator. They're safe and simple. Our customers often tell us how they now have piece of mind.

So no matter which way you choose to go we can assist you.

Call (717) 647-7568 today. We'll tell you why you should choose a Guardian generator, how it works, and discuss one that best fills your need. Or install the right transfer panel for your present generator.

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