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Function and Aesthetics

The room should meet the NEC requirements and work for the client.


Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection All 120 volt bedroom outlets must have AFCI protection. This covers not only the 120 volt receptacle outlets. The lighting outlets, electric smoke alarms and fans must be protected.

Lighting Multiple levels of lighting enhance a rooms atmosphere. Recessed, ceiling, switch operated table lamps, pole lights and track lighting are all valid options. Good location for dimming switches. LED's are now showing up at some retailers.

Receptacles One is required within the first six feet of a break in the wall and then no more than twelve feet thereafter.

Smoke Alarm One is now required in each bedroom. We use 14/3 and gang the alarms; one goes off "sounds" the other units. Avoid edges of ceilings and corners as air flow is restricted.

Ceiling Fan We encourage the ceiling light outlet be wired with three wires in anticipation of a fan / light combination.

Electric Baseboard Heat Outlets should not be placed above electric baseboard heat. We prefer the recessed, fan operated type for safety and location enhancement.

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