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Function and Aesthetics

The room should meet the NEC requirements and work for the client.




Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection All 120 volt bathroom receptacles must have GFCI protection.

Lighting Multiple levels of lighting enhance a rooms atmosphere. Recessed, ceiling, sconces, and track lighting are all valid options. Dimmer switches, and color rendering are important here.

Receptacles At least one is required within three feet of the outside edge of each basin..

Electric Heat Often used in the bathroom to bump up the comfort level under floor heat tape and electric wall and ceiling heaters are popular options to consider.

Exhaust Fan Required if no windows, a nice option to reduce humidity. It's important to size cfm flow properly, have a good duct and consider noise level,

Circuit Load The NEC has several rules regarding the bath circuit and lighting or feed through to another bath or powder room. Check the Code before wiring.

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