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Welcome to Robert B. Meyers, Jr - Electrical Contractor

Times are Changing

Building a new home or business, adding on an addition or upgrading and existing dwelling? Now more than ever you need a competent electrical contractor to calculate electrical loads and estimate future use before the foundation is poured. You need someone who is aware of the current National Electrical Code, Pennsylvania Building Code pertaining to electrical wiring and someone who knows how to interface with the local municipalities and your utility provider. You need someone who is licensed and insured.

New Construction Code Applied to All of Pennsylvania

Before the Uniform Construction Code enacted in the summer of 2004 only 55% of the municipalities in Pennsylvania had any type of electrical code. The following March 2006 Rural Builder article by Scott Tappa gives a good summary of where we currently are.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania ...
How are Pennsylvania builders coping with the Uniform Construction Code, enacted in late summer of 2004? Pretty well, according to a Brian Gafney story in the Binghamton, N. Y., Press & Sun-Bulletin. "Builders are independent-minded, and they are not eager to have government intrusion in their lives," Susquehanna County builder Jack Taylor told the paper. "But I think the code is a good idea for the county. More and more people are coming to the area, and they expect a certain caliber of work and durability in construction. The code helps protect people who expect quality." Taylor said the UCC has been good for the rural building industry, saying it is "an important step toward legitimizing the building industry in a rural area. Inspectors know it's a learning curve, and they are tolerant of our fumbling around as we learn."*
*Rural Builder Article by Scott Tappa, March 2006 (Vol. 40 #2), pg. 50.

We believe the code raises the bar for safety and consistency. As the new system is adopted, clarification of responsibilities and mandates will improve with training and time.


We have been preparing for the implementation of the 2008 NEC code requirements. One point is significant service panel changes for branch circuits that will increase new service costs for all residents of Pennsylvania. We expect utility price caps will soon be lifted, dramatically increasing kWh charges from utilities.

Therefore we have been actively testing several new energy saving products for residential, commercial and light industrial applications and looking into solar PV and wind generation. This year we picked up the Eemax line of tankless water heaters after a year of personal use. We're completely satisfied and saving hundreds of dollars per year in energy savings. Our clients are too!

Residential New The 2008 NEC requirements are out and we're all working hard to learn the changes and incorporate the new requirements into our estimates and work practices.

Generator Hookup A popular addition to may homes today, generators provide many levels of supplemental power during electrical outages. We provide simple plug-in outlets to mini transfer panels to full load, automatic transfer systems that run whole homes. We'll help you wade through the fuzzy numbers many generator manufactures put on their units and give you options of gas, diesel, or propane energy sources.

Upgrade Services Many of the electrical services in the south central PA region were installed about the same time frame. They need replaced because of three main reasons; demand on the system has changed, the weather has deteriorated the equipment, and many still are screw in fuse type protection. Some insurance companies offer incentives to upgrade the service. Call your agent, and then call us.

Surge Protection Yes, surge protection is increasingly important as electronic equipment propogate residential loads.. There are three levels of protection. The first, lightning arrestors, protect from outside intrusion. The second level, TVSS protects from ripples within. And finally, the third level is protection of equipment at the point of use. The best has high joules, low clamping voltage, quick reaction time of less than one nanosecond and a status indicator. Some manufacturers also offer a free insurance protection policy.

Low Voltage One major manufacturer in the area recently changed their process control voltage to 24 volt for safety and easier OSHA compliance. Low voltage lighting for ornamental ponds and proximity uses are quite popular. We recommend a combination timer and dusk to dawn sensor for these applications.

Telephone & Cable Communication wiring and low voltage systems are no problem. We use Cat 5e wiring and premium cable supplies for your audio / video and computer needs.

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